Tool of the week – Beyond Compare

I’m going to try and spotlight a software tool or program every week that I use in my day to day operations.  Our company, eXtensia Technologies, is very diverse in our offerings specializing in custom software and systems integrations.  As you can imagine third party software is important to us.  One such tool is Beyond Compare by Scooter Software.

Beyond Compare (BC) is a text and folder analyzer allowing the user to quickly compare files and folders.  The folder compare feature is one of my favorite features of the program.  Folder compare is very similar to the text compare with the exception that it compares the files and the file text of each folders to find the difference or similarities. Beyond Compare easily highlights  the differences or similarities to really make it obvious to the user.  I also use the text compare pretty frequently to compare code files.  With the custom rules feature, I can assign a rule to look for or ignore particular patterns.  Beyond Compare has the ability to compare JPG images, MP3 Files, .CSV data, other data files, and Excel Workbooks.  There are also registry compare and version compare features in the Pro versions.

You can find out more about Beyond Compare at  I use it daily and love it.  I hope it saves you some time as well.

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