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Finally! Google Chrome Releases 64 bit Version

I have been looking for this for years. HOpefully this version handles memory better as well as video performance. You can download the newest version here.
I suggest you uninstall the 32 bit version first.

Bookmark for Sam Kamaka’s Birthday Party

My boss’s wife is the daughter of a great Hawaiian, Sam Kamaka Jr who turned 90 years old in June.  They are throwing him a party and needed some favors, slideshows, and other items to decorate the place with his life achievements.  I was tasked to take some photos from the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s and touch them up.  I also needed to create a bookmark with some custom text which Sam wrote.  The photo for which I designed the below bookmark was a picture of Sam with his brother Fred.  The photo was professionally done in the 20’s and was in pretty good shape.  I mainly cropped Fred out and removed alot of the noise in the back of the photo.

I really enjoyed working on this project.  Sam has lead a very interesting and eventful life.  His father was the inventor of the pineapple ukulele and was the founder of Kamaka Ukulele.

Front of Bookmark with text








Back of Bookmark







How to Add a Hyperlink to a Pretty Photo Image Description

I really wanted to write this blog because I keep forgetting how to create a hyperlink in a Pretty Photo Gallery description. I always forget that I can’t use regular syntax.  To get a hyperlink in the description in a gallery you have to use HTML entity names.

Here is a screen shot of using the hyperlink in the title of the hyperlink to the image.

Hyper Link Sample

In the following code snip you will see how I was able to pull this off.

  <a class="viewDetail lightbox" title="To find out more &lt;a href=&quot;; target=&quot;_blank&quot; &gt;click here&lt;/&gt;" href="/img/Screenshots/Viewer.jpg"> 
    <img class="imgFrame" style="opacity: 1;" src="/img/Screenshots/Viewer.jpg" alt="Pretty Photo is well..Pretty Awesome." width="321px" />

Tool of the week – Beyond Compare

I’m going to try and spotlight a software tool or program every week that I use in my day to day operations.  Our company, eXtensia Technologies, is very diverse in our offerings specializing in custom software and systems integrations.  As you can imagine third party software is important to us.  One such tool is Beyond Compare by Scooter Software.

Beyond Compare (BC) is a text and folder analyzer allowing the user to quickly compare files and folders.  The folder compare feature is one of my favorite features of the program.  Folder compare is very similar to the text compare with the exception that it compares the files and the file text of each folders to find the difference or similarities. Beyond Compare easily highlights  the differences or similarities to really make it obvious to the user.  I also use the text compare pretty frequently to compare code files.  With the custom rules feature, I can assign a rule to look for or ignore particular patterns.  Beyond Compare has the ability to compare JPG images, MP3 Files, .CSV data, other data files, and Excel Workbooks.  There are also registry compare and version compare features in the Pro versions.

You can find out more about Beyond Compare at  I use it daily and love it.  I hope it saves you some time as well.

Using the “Replace” Function in Sql Server/T-SQL

I ran into an issue today where I needed to strip two characters out of a field while in a stored procedure.  The string looked something like this:

@UserID = {abcdefghi}

I needed the middle text (abcdefgi) only so I used the replace function.  The replace function only allows you to replace one thing at a time so I had to use it twice.  This is what the end result looks like:


Ugly, yes, but it gets the job done.


How to count xml nodes using Freemarker

I looked all over the web today for a working example of how to count xml branches in the xml dom using Freemarker.  I finally came across the answer and thought I would share in case anyone else is looking for it.

Here is a sample from the XML:


Freemarker code:  ${asn.Packages.Package?size}

Output: 2